Here’s What We Do Better


We will customise any of our products to accommodate your specific business requirements


Our competent staff will train you on all aspects of our software. We also host regular training events and information sessions


Score Consulting forms the foundational level of our packaged consulting solutions.

Our experience in this market has allowed us to build highly workable, cost effective and repeatable processes to address all manner of BEE scenarios. From simple to complex, our Score Consulting products put you into the driving seat and in control of B-BBEE.

Powerful Software With User Friendly Interfaces

We spend a lot of effort to make complex systems seem straight foward

By utilising familiar experiences such as Excel-like editing of data and convenient functionalities such as copy and paste we aim to make the usage of SmartScore as easy and seamless as possible.


Another important interface design choice is to provide as much useful information as possible on one screen without needing to scroll unnecessarily.

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What People Are Saying

  • We chose SmartScore because it gives us a very structured way of managing our BEE Score which makes it easier for our management team to use effectively.  

    Nishan Pillay

    Group HR Manager — Primedia Group

  • Ford considered a number of BEE Scorecard systems but SmartScore was by far the most usable system and performed the other systems in terms of its logical structure and periodic reporting.

    Mervyn Fraser

    HR Manager — Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa

  • Decisions at Samsung are at times made on the spur of the moment and having live information that we can put up on the projector without having to draw up reports is extremely beneficial for us.

    Ricardo Botas

    Financial Director — Samsung Electronics South Africa