SmartScore Features

  • Create Group, Entity, Division or Department Scorecards
  • Explore various BEE point options by creating Scenarios
  • Set monthly, quarterly or annual BEE point targets for each Scorecard element
  • Upload BEE data monthly or quarterly using the provided Excel templates
  • Use the Confidential area to protect confidential information such as turnover and NPAT
  • Monitor score progress throughout the year and be able to rectify shortfalls before it's too late
  • Assign tasks with deadlines and reminders
  • Automated BEE Certificate Management so you don't have to run around finding current supplier certificates
  • Various useful add-on Modules under development

SmartScore Benefits

  • Export and backup your data at any time
  • Powerful and graphical reporting
  • Give your management team a way to ‘see’ BEE.
  • Ensure managers are working towards detailed targets>
  • Manage the company’s score effectively
  • Secure and optimum score without overspending
  • Pick up score related risks before it’s too late
  • Monitor your score throughout the year so you can take corrective action before you get Verified